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Coronavirus: Has China or the US tested more?

US President Donald Trump said the United States had done the “biggest tests” in the world, but Chinese state media said that China had done three times more tests than the States -United.

So, who is right?

Trump’s claim
“We have more cases because we do the best tests … Other countries don’t test millions.”

The United States has performed nearly 31 million tests for coronavirus, according to the latest data.

This is more than any other western country, but significantly less than the declared total of over 90 million Chinese.

Accurate test comparisons can be difficult. Some countries count the number of people tested, while others count the total number of tests because someone may have several tests if the first test does not work properly.

The United States largely reports people tested, but some states report the total number of tests done. The total reported by China is the number of tests carried out.

Claim by China
“Across China, the number a week ago was 90.41 million, three times more than in the United States.”

In a tweet containing these figures, Hu Xijin, editor of the state-owned Global Times, also called President Trump’s assertion that the United States had done most of the tests “pure lies.” .

Data from the Chinese National Health Committee, compiled by the Chinese government and cannot be independently verified, confirms that as of June 22, China had performed 90.41 million tests.

The total is therefore about three times higher than in the United States, but China has a much larger population.

Millions of people have been assessed in the Chinese capital, Beijing.
Based on these figures, China conducted about one test for 15 people, compared to about one in 11 in the United States. It’s a little more per capita in the United States.

And the tests in China were more localized, with more than a third of the tests carried out in Beijing, Wuhan and the most populous province of Guangdong, according to local reports.

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The testing methods are also different in the two countries.

China’s daily testing capacity has been rapidly increased thanks to batch testing, which pools samples and performs individual tests only if a batch is positive.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, chief infectious disease expert at the White House, said that the United States “is seriously considering” this method.

But it would only work in areas where the number of infections is low, as it is ineffective if a high proportion of lots is positive.

Source: BBC NEWS

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